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Opening the big market of Uzbekistan to Iranian knowledge-based companies and startups

The first meeting of the Iran-Uzbekistan joint cooperation group in the field of innovation and technology was held in Tashkent under the chairmanship of the vice president of science, technology and knowledge-based economy and the minister of higher education, science and innovation of Uzbekistan

According to the Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science, Technology and Knowledge Economy, this meeting coincides with Uzbekistan's Innovation Week (InnoWeek 2023) with the presence of a delegation from the Islamic Republic of Iran, headed by Ruhollah Dehghani, Vice President of Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy left for Tashkent and Uzbekistan's science and technology managers held a meeting chaired by Ibrahim Abdurahmanov, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of Uzbekistan, during which several agreements were reached in the direction of developing joint scientific and technological cooperation

Among other things, the parties agreed to support the development of direct cooperation between knowledge-based companies of the two countries and joint startup projects. In this way, the startups of Iran and Uzbekistan enter the markets of other countries

Ruhollah Dehghani stated that the efforts made by Iran in the field of technology exchange are showing their results today and stated: I believe that the development of joint cooperation between Iran and Uzbekistan in the form of joint startup projects and environmental projects can help the development of the two countries in the future

One of the important aspects of today's negotiations was the agreement on joint cooperation in improving the environmental situation in the Aral Bay region and, further, increasing environmental innovations in this region

According to the memorandums signed in this meeting, the six Iranian knowledge centers present at the Uzbekistan Innovation Week exhibition will cooperate with the Uzbek parties in the fields of student transfer to Iran, animation production, setting up of data centers, production of agricultural drones and medical equipment

Dehghani, who went to Tashkent to expand technology and innovation cooperation with Uzbekistan at the invitation of the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of that country at the same time as the Uzbekistan Innovation Week, also visited the Innovation Week International Exhibition today

The pavilion of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the largest foreign pavilion in this exhibition with the presence of 25 knowledge-based companies