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Establishing a joint innovation and technology center between Iran and Cuba/Cuba's acceptance of the importing Iranian knowledge-based products


According to the communication and information center in the vice presidency of science, technology and knowledge-based economy, Montaya, the minister of science, technology and environment of Cuba, while welcoming and expressing his satisfaction with the presence of Dr. Dehghani in Cuba, said that the Cuban government emphasized on technology-based progress. and based on this, we fully welcome the development of scientific and technological cooperation with Iran.

He described the establishment of a joint technology committee between the two countries as a suitable initiative in this regard and requested to establish a joint innovation and technology center between Iran and Cuba as a point of contact for technology companies of the two countries in Cuba.

The Minister of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba also pointed out that Cuba is preparing to hold a big exhibition in 2024 and suggested that Iranian knowledge-based companies present their capabilities in two dimensions, services and products in these exhibitions. He also invited Dehghani to travel to Cuba and visit this exhibition.

While expressing his satisfaction with his presence in Cuba and the fact that the topic of the G77 Summit is devoted to science and technology, the vice president of science evaluated the atmosphere of interaction and scientific exchanges very positively.

Stating that the greatest capital of any country is its specialized forces, and both Iran and Cuba are rich in this field, he said: In these two days, I saw opportunities in the field of developing joint technological cooperation with Cuba, which have received little attention. And I hope we can take advantage of these opportunities by defining joint projects. Of course, I believe that cooperation should not be limited to biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Dehghani further positively evaluated the proposal of Iranian companies to participate in the exhibition in Cuba and said: the Vice Presidency of Science supports the presence of Iranian knowledge-based companies in various fields in this exhibition.

He mentioned health and safety, medicine, water, energy, waste management and dealing with the effects of climate change as priority areas of cooperation with Cuba and said: We are very eager to host the Honorable Minister of Science, Technology and Environment at the same time as the Iran Exhibition.

The Minister of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba thanked Dehghani for inviting him to visit his deputy last week and pointed out the scientific and technological capabilities of Iranian knowledge-based companies and stated that considering the good capacities that exist in Iran, emphasized the development of scientific and technological cooperation with Iran.

   He stated that Iran's targeting to achieve a knowledge-based economy and the government's policies to create a domestic and foreign market for knowledge-based products are very valuable, and requested to share Iran's experiences with Cuba in this field.

The Minister of Science of Cuba further stated: Currently, along with biotechnology and medicine, the fields of food security and energy are also very important for us and can be among the axes of joint cooperation.

He said: We are trying to introduce the Cuban people to Iranian knowledge-based products, and these products will definitely have a good market in Cuba and Latin American countries.

At the end of this meeting, the Minister of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba presented the draft of the document for the development of technological cooperation between Iran and Cuba in the fields of technology to the Vice President of Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy and expressed his hope that with the finalization of the provisions and the signing of this document will allow us to witness the expansion of joint technology cooperation between Iran and Cuba.