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Areas of Activity

Organizing technology exchange events and exhibitions

Zanitron organizes technology exchange events, exhibitions, and pavilions to foster the market development of domestic and international knowledge-based companies and startups.

Knowledge training and expertise 

Zanitron is committed to providing professional expertise, technical knowledge, training, capacity building, guidance, ideation, and support to meet the needs of its clients and establish effective connections between these companies and foreign markets. Some of our training courses include:
1. Management of orders and procurement of technological requirements.
2. Training international business experts in technology-based companies.
3. Digital marketing technology in the member countries of MENA (Digex)
4. International procurement, supply chain management, and contracts in the technology sector.
5. Interpretation of proforma and international trade documents.
6. Preparation of international contracts in the technology field.
7. Market analysis tools for technology markets at the International Trade Center.
8. And more.
Zanitron takes pride in successfully organizing courses in collaboration with Tehran universities. 

Facilitating technology brokerage

Zanitron acts as a broker, connecting technology supply and demand. Through this process, the technological needs of companies and industries are identified and analyzed, while the capabilities of technology providers are assessed and validated. Zanitron creates a common ground for technology supply and demand, enabling effective technology brokerage.

Acceptance of technical trade delegations

As a creative and capable entity, we strive to promote the knowledge-based economy and facilitate the commercialization process of technology-based companies in global markets. Acceptance of international technology trade delegations: Being part of international trade delegations is essential for companies to expand internationally and export their products and services. Zanitron supports the acceptance of trade delegations from knowledge-based companies in regional countries to develop the export of Iranian knowledge-based products.